Welcome to the Pinnacle Snowsports’ Blog!

Hi, my name is Oli Dewulf-Peters and I am the owner and director of Pinnacle Snowsports, I have 19 years of skiing experience and 8 years experience teaching and coaching around the world in Austria, Italy, New Zealand and the UK. I am using this blog to keep our readers up to date on our upcoming events, what we are achieving and as a tool to inform and open up discussion regarding biomechanics, ski technique and our industry as a whole.

As often as possible, I will update the blog with ideas and developments that I have happened upon whilst coaching and thoroughly encourage our readers to join in open conversation about the topics that I feature. This is part of our industry I feel particularly strongly about, with many opinions being varied and subjective, it is important to converse openly so that the reasoning behind each side can be properly understood.

Whenever possible, I will bring in guest writers to create and add to our content, with the intent of providing as many differing views as I can. With links to Brighton University’s Sport’s Science team, BASI and many other instructors around the globe, I hope to develop a blog that is varied in it’s content and it’s opinions. I’ll aim to have a new post out at least every fortnight, so make sure to keep an eye out for our updates and I look forward to sharing our developments with you.

See you out on the slopes.